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Vision and Mission

  • To add years to life and life to the years of humanity.
  • To be a brand of choice to the consumer.
  • To be an employer of choice.
  • To be a principal of choice for trade partners & other stake holders.
  • To be among top 10 fastest growing companies in Pharma sector
  • To be amongst 10 best companies in the country to work with.
  • To cross Rs. 1000 Cr (USD 225 million) turnover in next 5 years.
Latest Happenings
New Drug Could Reverse Age-related Cognitive Decline

As we age, many of us may struggle to remember simple things, such as directions or what film we watched last night…..read more…

A DNA Sequencing Breakthrough…

DNA sequencing has made its way to the clinic in a dramatic new way: detecting chromosomal defects very early in pregnancy. ….read more…

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