Ozone group aims to be a brand of choice for consumers, trade partners and all other stake holders. Our focus has been creating value by delivering quality products at affordable prices.
One of our endeavors is to continue delivering products and services that contribute towards improving the quality of life; whether that is through affordable medicines, delicious and healthy food, organic skin-care or even a rejuvenating wellness getaway. Ozone promotes a way of life that is holistic, healthy and impactful.

Human Resource




Vision without action

Accountability without Authority 

Authority without Accountability

Process is the Ultimate 

People are Successful

Whatever can’t be measured can neither be managed nor can be magnified.

Attitude matter more than Aptitude.

Ozone Mission was established on April 13th, 2014 to promote the core belief of the group that Life is Precious and should be valued immensely. Ozone Mission stared operations that aim to benefit society at large by promoting health, education and environmental protection involving the young, old and children. The objective of this initiative is to cater to development (especially in rural India) for harmonious, integrated and holistic development of the community at large.

Ozone Mission created a pool of 3M (Manpower, Material and Money) for an efficient and self-sustaining model of operations – by becoming self reliant in generating revenue and meeting operational expenses for its sustenance, Ozone Mission took initiatives such as:

  • Training 52 self-help groups which were formed in 14 villages. These groups were trained to make incense sticks, candles, gift packs/clothes and bags for public distribution.
  • Sulabh Toilet Complex – a public convenience complex with modern toilet facilities at Jatipura village, Govardhan, run by Ozone Mission in collaboration with Sulabh International Delhi.
  • 14 rickshaws have been financed by Ozone Mission to provide rural India with a source of livelihood.
  • Gainful employment to rural women is provided in manufacturing of the following products: Incense sticks (gifts to our esteemed clients), wax candles of different sizes, shapes and colors and cloth pouched for gift packing.
  • Health Centers: Ozone Mission organized First-Aid Camps every month during Parikrama for the benefit of the devotees who visit for the govardhan parikrama days. These camps are supervised by qualified doctors/compounders and are duly authorized by the Chief Medical Officer, Govardhan.